Sep 14, 2014
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No matter what hat you wear, you tip it to the captain.  Salute. 

Jul 5, 2014


LE$ x Cookin Soul drop a buttery tape, don’t sleep. LE$ an Spitta have shown the company IG some love which is crazy that they even recognize us. Love. Cop “Ace” here.

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Real Quick.

Nice little cut. 

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Goosebumps, Every time.

Nothing we enjoy more than a quality build, an creativity to match. 

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Wayne x Drake “Believe me”

Very rare I’m a fan of anything new Wayne drops but…..This has triggered my interest. Honestly stopped really listening to him after the carter 3. Sigh, those were the days….

Rob’s Mtechnic 36 on Flickr.Slight work after me an Rob scored some tacos in San Jose.
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Rob’s Mtechnic 36 on Flickr.

Slight work after me an Rob scored some tacos in San Jose.

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Separated By State Lines

It’s not every day you meet genuine people in the car scene. They are a dying breed that’s for sure. But if you look hard enough you’ll spot them. That’s what I learned when I first met Tex back in 2010. I met him through mutual friends and he couldn’t stop raving about how much he loved my car. It was pretty much stock, just lowered on Lexus wheels, what was there to love? That’s when I realized what kind of car guy Tex was. He loves it all. He appreciates all the hard work that anyone puts in their car. No matter what make or model. Whether you’re stancing your car or building a full blown race car. JDM, Euro, or Domestic he won’t hate on you. He understands that everyone has their own style and vision when it comes to building a car. And there’s no reason to make fun of people or hate on someone for doing something different.

            There are so many cookie cutter cars in the scene today. People are afraid to think outside the box and do something different. I think this is because everyone is afraid they won’t fit in or they will get made fun of because they didn’t follow the crowd. Tex doesn’t have this fear. I think mainly because he doesn’t care what other people think. It’s his car and he is going to build it the way he wants. His car is definitely different. A euro car with a JDM touch is unheard of. Lots of people say he ruined his R32. Others commend him for trying something different and it coming out perfect. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but over here at Clique we absolutely love his car. It stands for everything we value.

            Chances are you haven’t seen his car or him up until this year. That’s because being a private chef has taken up most of his time. This past H2Oi was the first he ever got a chance to attend! Originally from NJ, he is living in upstate NY for work. Only really coming home on the weekends to do what he is most passionate about. Building his car and spending time with his friends. His car was built in all of our friends garages. He babied his R32 like no other. I can’t even begin to explain. Then it all started with the idea to add a little more power. Late nights in his garage with some beers and good friends and next thing you know, it’s supercharged. Then he wanted it to look a little more aggressive. We took it to our other friend’s house to cut it up and fit it with flares. Having never done any serious bodywork it was extremely scary to take a sawzall to his immaculate car. He constantly wanted his car to be lower. After doing a bunch of modifications to his coilovers, he finally decided it was time for air. It made its way to our other friend’s garage for that.  Meanwhile, Tex was just collecting JDM parts to add to the car once it was ready.

            This car single handedly showed me how the car community should be. It was built by a bunch of good friends in their own garages. With Tex’s vision we built something different. We all came together and although we questioned Tex’s vision sometimes, it all came together in the end. This car is should be an inspiration to push your builds and think outside the box. Whether you love or hate the car it should inspire you. Build your car for yourself. Not anyone else.

View the rest of the set here

From our friends over in Japan. Via Masa
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From our friends over in Japan. Via Masa

Via Mike Bonell. 
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Via Mike Bonell.